5th Annual PGR Conference

If we are hoping to add some fun to our children’s schools, we should better start having some fun in our Conferences! 🙂

Working Flyer_5th Annual PGR Conference-page-001

This is specifically what we aspire to succeed in the School of Education, University of Aberdeen, while organizing the upcoming 5th Annual PGR Conference, for two full days this year: 3rd & 4th of December 2017.

What? To experience each other’s work through workshops in our first “Experiential Conference Day”, a day full of activities, walking around our local area (campus, old Aberdeen, botanical garden, Seaton Park, along the beach), and to collectively interact through ideas as well as physical movements, minds and bodies. One thing is certain: in this conference, we will need them all!

We aspire that all attendants will equally be co-creators of the conference in real time collectively, and not simply participants in it. How can this happen? By extending the variety of our places we will move through and their use; therefore, by stretching also the time we spend together. This way, we are hoping to give many more possibilities for unexpected themes to occur in our Conference which would not otherwise emerge.

Many distinguished personalities from the fields of Education, Anthropology and Landscape Architecture will be the leaders of the workshops, giving an interdisciplinary approach to our theme “Perspectives on Space(s) in our Research Contexts”. Specifically, we will be honoured to have with us our guest professor from Sweden, Anders Szczepanski, the keynote speakers of the days Dr. Donald Gray and Dr. David Johnston from the University of Aberdeen, as well as the postgraduate researchers Anna, Cathy, Molly, Peter and Valeria who will all contribute significantly to the unravelling of our activities during the day.

The program of both days can be found here. We look forward to seeing you all there!

For the Experiential Conference Day:

Sunday's Programme for the 5th PGR Conf

For the Conference Day:

Provisional Programme Monday_Page_1Provisional Programme Monday_Page_2








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